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Upcoming Focus Groups
Weekly Planning Notepads
"This class had all I needed to get started-practical advice and concrete information."
--Bonnie Saucedo, author

"The wealth of information P.J. provided was enough to get me confidently moving in that direction."
--Christina Mandelski, author

"Tricia's Introduction to Self Publishing class gave me all the tools I need to successfully self publish."
--David Simon, author

"Exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend her fun and informative class for anyone curious about DIY publishing!"
--Kristin Rae, author of Wish You Were Italian, and What You Always Wanted

"Tricia pointed out great trail markers on the path to self-publishing that I would not otherwise have noticed. Highly recommend!"
--Scott Miller, author

September 24, 2022, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm CST

It's hard to stick to our path, especially when everything seems like it is going against us, but don't let that stop you from reaching your goals. Join award-winning author P. J. Hoover in this inspiring workshop that will offer solid strategies on time management, goal setting, and staying the course even when things get tough. Come prepared to change the way you think about your writing. You'll walk away with a definitive list of ideas and a plan to act upon to help create the future you want. Bring questions. Bring ideas to share.

  • You're discouraged by rejections.
  • You are published or unpublished.
  • You're feeling overwhelmed.
  • You need a kick in the butt to get you back on the right path again.
Sign up through the Writers' League of Texas website.



If you’ve ever thought about self-publishing a book but have no idea where to start, then this class is for you. Self-publishing is a great way to bring in some passive income while learning new skills and doing what you love. Dipping your toes into self-publishing can seem overwhelming, and yes, there is a lot to learn, but this class is here to help you. Whether you’re looking to publish a brand new title or publish a book that was previously traditionally published but had rights reverted, it’s all covered.

Here are just a handful of the things we’ll cover in this introductory class:
  • Where do I self-publish my books?
  • Where do I get cover art and interior art?
  • What format(s) does my book need to be in?
  • Should I enroll my book in Kindle Unlimited and what does this even mean?
  • How do I request rights back for a traditionally published book?
  • Do I need an editor, copyeditor, and proofreader (and where do I find them)?
  • What software do I need to use?
  • How do I market my book?
  • Why would I want to do this?
If you’re even thinking about trying self-publishing, then this is a class you don’t want to miss!

COST $50
Class will be online via Zoom.

Email me with questions or if you'd like to pay with another method besides Paypal.
pjhoover (at) pjhoover (dot) com



You have goals? I have goals! One of the best ways to reach goals is to be open about them and accountable for them. When it comes to being open, that can be hard. You may not want to stick your hopes and dreams out on social media. I sure don't. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't share them with a select group of others. Here's where the accountability part comes in. I want to invite you to be part of a Kick Butt Goal Setting group. The group is small, with a maximum of 5 people, and the idea of the group is that each week we meet and check in.
In the initial meeting, we'll each get a chance to talk about our goals and the steps we've planned to reach them. Yes, there is a bit of pre-work for this one, and after the meeting you may find yourself inspired to update your goals and steps. This is great! The whole point of the group is to inspire and support each other.
In the following meetings, we'll do two things. First, we'll each check in with how the week went. It's okay to have not reached every goal. What would the point be if it were that easy? We all stumble. It's continuing on the path after the stumble that matters. And second, we'll each have a piece of homework. This is normally a small thing that won't take much time but that will have great opportunity for introspection and advancement.
Does this sound like what you need to get on the right path with reaching your goals? Don't let any more time slip away from you. Register now and let's reach our goals together!

COST $80 total for 4 sessions, 1 session per week ($60 for returning participants)
Groups will be online via Zoom.
Note: There is a maximum of 4 participants for each meeting. If you are looking for a 1:1 meeting instead of a group setting, email me for pricing.

Email me to sign up or with questions. pjhoover (at) pjhoover (dot) com


Buy a weekly planning notepad and get started with organizing your life today.
50 pages
$10 (Includes shipping. US only.)
Email me to pay with another method besides Paypal.
pjhoover (at) pjhoover (dot) com


PJ Hoover About me:
My name is P. J. (Tricia) Hoover, and I'm a huge believer in encouraging others to define and reach their goals. I love the idea of taking control of our lives and using time to our advantage. I'm the author of over thirty books for people of all ages, mom to two kids, health and fitness fan, and home improvement fanatic. Is there time to do it all? That all depends on what "it all" entails. It starts with knowing what you want to accomplish. Let's work together to make your life fulfilling, happy, and authentic.