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Hey, Tut fans! Henry Snider here. I asked Tut for ten pages at the end of the book where I could share all sorts of interesting information. He agreed to one. I'll take it. It's not every day I get to spread my knowledge across the world.

I offer up to you words that may come in useful when hanging out with an immortal teenage prior-pharaoh.

  • apricate--to bask in the sun; if Apep has his way, we'll never get to do this again!

  • dysania--when you have a hard time waking up in the morning; some mornings, especially on weekends during daylight savings time, this is totally me.

  • jettatura--the evil eye; Horus gives me this all the time.

  • octonocular--having eight eyes . . . like Igigi!

  • ophiomormous--snakelike

  • phrontistery--a place for thinking or studying (kind of like school!)

  • podobromhydrosis--stinky feet

  • serpivolant--flying serpent; yes, just like Apep

That's all we have time for! But I'd love to hear some of your favorite words. Connect with me!

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