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Live the adventure that King Tut lives in TUT: THE STORY OF MY IMMORTAL LIFE!
Visit the Minecraft Server the book is based on!

*** The TUT Minecraft server is currently offline ***

If you like Minecraft, check out these fun Choose Your Own Adventure style books I wrote under my secret pseudonym Connor Hoover. Each book has over 30 possible ways to live or die in Minecraft. :)

Cool things you can do on the server:
* Find the secret tunnel from King Tut's tomb. Pick which direction you want to escape to.
* Complete the scavenger hunt and email your answers for cool swag!
* Look for me on the server as AuntieIsis :)
* Discover the secret chamber under the Great Pyramid of Giza
* Visit the Restaurant of the Gods
* Explore the Tomb of Osiris
* Find the hidden chamber in King Tut's Library
* And many more, really cool things coming...

Builder Gallery

Osiris (Zach H.)
Auntie Isis (Tricia H.)
Bast (Lola H.)
Horus (Jackson K.)
Ra (Coleman H.)

Interested in learning more about the book this is based on? You can read all about it here.

Buy The Knife of Osiris from

# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717167

Buy The Serpent of Chaos from

# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717174


* Read TUT: THE STORY OF MY IMMORTAL LIFE either aloud as a class or as independent reading.

* Explore the Minecraft Server for TUT: THE STORY OF MY IMMORTAL LIFE

* Complete the Minecraft Tut Scavenger Hunt

* Build King Tut's Tomb in Minecraft using either a schematic from the Internet or the Tomb Builder's Guide to Building King Tut's Tomb

* Build a pyramid in Minecraft